Stephen Ashton

The Top 5 Blog Posts of 2019

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Stephen Ashton

Mentoring Masculinity

Christmas Masculinity

Christmas is a remarkable opportunity to talk with boys and young men about the example of Christ. What did it mean for him to become a man? What character traits did he display? What was unique about the life he lived? What implications does his life have for us as men?
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Charles Livingston

Service Leadership

Trailman Builds Christmas Trees to Craft Shelter for Homeless Center

“Trail Life taught me the value of serving - my community, my church, and the Lord. And now I am excited about serving my country while living another great life adventure.” - Daniel McAlhaney
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Ryan Sanders

Mentoring Parenting

Overcoming 3 Obstacles to Raising Godly Boys

Parenting is a journey. It’s not a journey of raising kids - it’s a journey of making disciples. I am on this journey with you. My wife April and I have been married 24 years and we’re raising five future men. The full keynote and abridged transcript that follow were presented on Thursday, July 25th at the Trail Life ...
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Stephen Ashton

In The News Service Leadership


Jaydon Ballman enjoys the outdoors. Whenever he gets the chance, he likes to hike, camp or simply enjoy being outside. His recent completion of a walking bridge at Alcove Spring Historic Park was an effort to provide that enjoyment for others. Ballman said “it was a fun but challenging project.” The bridge allowed him ...
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Michele Vowell


Operation Walk Worthy: Troop KY-5812 Serve Thanksgiving Dinner to 100 Vets

Holding a spoonful of green beans in one hand, 11-year-old Charlie Keeling looked over the counter at the veterans in line before him at Restoration House Family Worship Center. "Would you like some green beans?" Keeling asked. "Are you a veteran? Thank you for your service."
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Joel Davidson

In The News

Trail Life USA: A Christ-Centered, Boy-Focused Mentoring Adventure

A RETURN TO SCOUTING’S ROOTS The Trail Life movement represents a return to the founding principles of youth scouting as articulated by Lord Robert Baden-Powell, a British army officer and founder of the modern youth scouting movement.
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John Stemberger

Protecting Boys From the Lies of This World

What follows is a partial transcript of John Stemberger’s keynote address entitled “Protecting Boys From the Lies of This World.” The speech was delivered on Sunday, July 21st at the Trail Life USA Summer Adventure and Family Convention. To hear the message in its entirety, click the video link below.
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Kelly Stigliano

Trail Life Troop Designs and Builds Winning Boat in Riverfest Regatta

As the boat was lowered into the water, the boys held their breath. They had done research, planned, built and tested a series of small models with successive improvements, and prayed for a year. Still, they had never put the boat–this boat–in water. No one could really be sure that it would float long enough to carry ...
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