Trail Life USA Partners to Bring 'Adventure Zone' Experience to Ark Encounter

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Adventure Zone featured at The Answers Homeschool Experience which hosted over 30,000 people from across America

The Trail Life USA ( Adventure Zone experience wrapped up this past weekend at the sold out Answers Homeschool Experience, ‘Stand: Parenting Kids to Face the Giants’ at the Ark Encounter. The day before the conference began, the Boy Scouts announced a name change to Scouting America and the topic came up often in conversation. Regarding the decision, Ken Ham commented, "Boys and girls are not the same. There are only two genders of humans, male and female. These are statements that would not have been even slightly controversial 114 years ago when the Boy Scouts of America was formed. Such statements are considered by many today to be offensive and intolerant. But they are true!" He continued, "Let me recommend to you a wonderful organization for boys—Trail Life USA. Since the Boy Scouts announced their name change to be more “inclusive,” Trail Life USA has been inundated with requests to start Troops or to find out about a Troop to send their boys to."

Mark Hancock, CEO of Trail Life, stated, "Trail Life USA is pleased to partner with the 'Stand: Parenting Kids to Face the Giants' homeschool experience to bring hands-on adventure to one of the premiere events in the nation. The Father-son experiences during the event created memories that will last a lifetime."

IMG_1807This year, in addition to fire starting, slingshots, archery, hatchet throwing, and more, Trail Life was able to bring an archery tag arena. A highlight of the event, boys and parents had a blast keeping score, and firing arrows at each other in a game resembling archery dodgeball.  Even Heidi St. John and Martyn Iles, Executive CEO of Answers in Genesis, got in on the action!

As the largest Christ-centered, boy-focused scout-type organization in the country, Trail Life USA partnered with convention planners to add “The Trail Life Adventure Zone” experience to the homeschool event. During the event more than 10,000 people experienced: archery tag, fire starting by friction, rope making, lashing and knot tying, lego construction, sling shot shooting, archery, hatchet throwing, and much more.


"Our vision is to create opportunities for boys to be mentored by caring adults who intentionally equip them to rise to the occasion and lead in moments where preparation meets opportunity," continues Hancock. "The leadership we saw among our young men at this event was tremendous. Boys taught

skills alongside mentors and shared biblical truths with confidence and poise repeatedly to total strangers. Experiences like this both encourage the families who participate and grow the boys in our program to become leaders of character."


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