Trail Life USA Hosts Nationwide Campout to Encourage Outdoor Adventure and Develop Life Skills

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Trail Life USA, a Christian-based scouting organization for boys, recently hosted its fourth annual Nationwide Campout, emphasizing the importance of going back to the basics and learning bushcraft skills.

Troops from all over the country participated in the event, which focused on teaching boys skills such as knot-tying, fire-starting, wood carving, fishing, outdoor medicine and remedies, and navigation. Several Troops held large events with over 600 Trailmen gathering. The goal of the campout was to provide boys with opportunities to disconnect from digital distractions and connect with nature and their mentors and fathers.


"In Trail Life, boys regularly leave daily duties and digital distractions behind. They join with their mentors and fathers in the outdoors where relationships form naturally, time seems to slow, and boys are able to listen, connect, and grow," said Mark Hancock, CEO of Trail Life USA.

Trail Life USA is known for its emphasis on traditional outdoor skills and values, including character, leadership, and faith. The organization provides a safe and supportive environment for boys to develop important life skills and learn to become responsible, caring, and productive members of their communities.

The Nationwide Campout is just one of the many events and activities organized by Trail Life USA throughout the year. The organization has nearly 50,000 members in over 1,000 Troops and operates in all 50 states.

"We are thrilled to see so many boys and their families participating in the Nationwide Campout and learning important life skills," said Hancock. "Trail Life USA is committed to helping boys grow into strong, capable, and compassionate men who will make a positive impact in their communities and the world."

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Stephen Ashton

Stephen Ashton

Stephen Ashton is the National Director of Marketing for Trail Life USA and serves as an adjunct professor at Clarks Summit University and Anchor Christian University. Prior to his work at Trail Life, he spent 15 years working with at-risk youth in residential therapeutic wilderness programs and served as the Vice-President of the Wilderness Road Therapeutic Camping Association. An author and a speaker, he has written for journals and published a book chronicling the foundations of therapeutic camping. He frequently speaks on the topics of fatherhood, biblical masculinity, outdoor education, and wilderness therapy. Stephen lives in South Carolina with his wife and 4 sons.

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