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At a time when many organizations struggled, Trail Life grew and met critical needs for men and boys across America. While many boys were sequestered in their homes during the past year, Trail Life USA raised up men. We built systems to ensure boys continued to meet. We held national virtual events like the National Backyard Concert and the Promise Keepers Fatherhood Summit, and we remained #OpenforAdventure. Boys never lacked a place to experience adventure, grow in Christ-like character, and learn leadership. 

2021 saw record numbers of boys at over 25 in-person regional gatherings like the National Summer Adventure in West Virginia. There, more than 400 Trailmen from 47 Troops across 17 states gathered for a week of camaraderie, challenge, and adventure. These amazing events are planned entirely by volunteers and the results are astounding. Click below and watch the video taken at the West Virginia National Summer Adventure Event to hear about how lives are being changed.

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Virtual and in-person events like these have driven significant interest among fathers, churches, and parents. Trail Life is where boys become godly men. Churches and families are seeing the fruit in men and realizing that our Proven Process is an effective tool to transform families and multiply the church.

Trail Life member, John LaVeau, first made the decision to join his son on a Trail Life adventure. John says, “Trail Life changes dads more than you realize ... before that event I was a drop-off dad. My son and I showed up and I’ve been going ever since.” His son Hayden, now a Freedom Rangeman reflects, “When I first joined, my dad and I weren’t on the best of terms … I can honestly say he’s moved from being just my dad to being one of the closest people to me.” John summarized, “Trail Life is for bringing fathers and sons together, I am so thankful that my son got me involved.”

A big part of that success has been the infrastructure built during the past year. Together, our staff and volunteer team collaborated to create an online Troop management platform we call Trail Life Connect. This platform places tools at the fingertips of leaders across America to ensure boys in the Troop are serving, growing, and experiencing adventure, and that no family or prospective Troop falls through the cracks. The results have been staggering.

In the past year, over 180 new Troops and over 18,000 new members have made a kingdom impact in their communities. Each of those represent a connection between a father and son, or the connection of a boy with a mentor. They reflect changed lives. They are the remnant that will turn the tide!

Together we are making a difference!

See how our Proven Process makes Trail Life USA a strategic part of what we believe is God’s plan to raise up a remnant that will inspire change in a culture in desperate need of godly men.

Thank you so much for your generosity in supporting the big kingdom business of Trail Life USA! Would you consider a year-end gift so we can continue to expand the opportunities for boys?

We have a ten-year target to have a Troop within 30 minutes of 90% of boys in the United States. Will you consider your best financial gift and join us in this pursuit?


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