Northeast Georgia Camporee

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As the sun set over Georgia the weekend of November 3rd, a rare and inspiring convergence of generations assembled. United by a common spirit of adventure and faith, 160 boys and 120 men from 7 Troops nestled into the North Georgia wilderness with The Wild Brothers for the 7th annual Northeast Georgia Camporee.

As the temperature dropped and frost adorned the tents, the weekend unfolded with a mix of excitement, challenge, and camaraderie. The stage was set under the setting sun, as Asher Wild transported the gathering into his world of faith and adventure. Recounting his upbringing as a jungle missionary among the Wano people in Papua, New Guinea, Asher vividly described the thrill of flying into remote areas, building shelters, learning a new language, and sharing the message of Jesus with a tribe hungry for knowledge.

The following morning, the camp came alive with the warmth of campfires, where Trailmen gathered to shake off the chill, share breakfast, and brace themselves for a day of adventure reminiscent of the tales shared by the Wild Brothers. The day unfolded with airplane rides, mountain hikes, and engaging workshops led by the Wild Brothers. From archery and fishing to knot tying and fire starting, the boys honed their skills in preparation for the Wild Brothers Trail Hack Challenge Adventure Race—a chance for them to put their newfound abilities to the test and compete for both bragging rights and coveted medals.

As the second day drew to a close, the entire assembly of 280 Trailmen circled around a roaring campfire. Laughter echoed through the night, stories were exchanged, and Hudson Wild imparted valuable lessons from the adventure race—lessons about standing firm in faith, acting boldly, and staying focused on the mission set before them. The culmination was marked by a medal ceremony, where the victorious Trail Hack Challenge winners were recognized by division, the flickering flames illuminating their proud faces.

Trailmen raising American flag
Kian Wild making trail bread with Trailmen.
Trailmen making trail bread with Kian Wild.
Dad and Trailmen fishing
Dads and Trailmen making trail bread
Trailmen building fire
Trailman fishing
Trailman holding fish
Dad and boy archery
Trailman on bridge

The night concluded just as it had begun, with boys and fathers huddled around campfires, sharing warmth and camaraderie before retiring to frost-covered tents.

On the final morning, as the sun painted the sky with hues of dawn, the Trailmen woke to a warm breakfast. The weekend's grand finale unfolded with a poignant message from Kian Wild, urging the boys to carry the spirit of adventure they had experienced into their everyday lives. With hearts brimming with memories and a renewed passion for living a life of adventure for Jesus, the camp dispersed, and fathers returned home with their sons fanning the flames of faith and fortifying a legacy of shared experiences and strengthened bonds.

Asher Wild fishing with Trailman
Trailmen building fire
Father and son
Father and Trailman archery
Kian Wild making trail bread




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