Could COVID be Inspiration for the Next 'Greatest Generation?'

Mark Hancock

As parents, we have a choice to teach our boys to live in fear or teach them to rise above life’s challenges and act in faith.  COVID-19 has added many obstacles to boys getting together to do the things they love. But right now, our boys don’t need to hear more “you can’t do XYZ.” They need opportunities to positively overcome the restraints imposed by the pandemic... creatively, safely, and responsibly.

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Building Men: Milestones on the Journey to Manhood

Ryan Sanders

On the journey to manhood, boys need to be a part of a mission bigger than themselves. They need significant challenges. They need men who can cast vision, celebrate milestones, and help them see who they can become. In the midst of Coronavirus shut-downs and virtual meetings, a group of leaders in Trail Life Troop TX-1160 were able to help the boys in their community dream and accomplish just such a project.

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Mettle on the Mountain: A Story of Courage and Providence

Steve Meyer and 1 more

"Suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope."
- Romans 5:3-4

The weather on the mountain was brutal. The windchill was at four degrees below zero. Forty mile per hour winds hurled snow and ice pellets straight down the mountain. Whiteout conditions had set in.  One climber after another passed us coming down the mountain saying it was impossible to continue. They were turning back.

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The Power of Christian Young Men

Stephen Ashton

A 1914 Address to the Christian Men's Association

"When I think of an association of Christian young men I wonder that it has not already turned the world upside down. I wonder, not that it has done so much, for it has done a great deal, but that it has done so little; and I can only conjecture that it does not realize its own strength.

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America: Stop Grilling Each Other - and Let's Enjoy the Grill Together

Mark Hancock

Kickoff off Independence Day weekend with Trail Life USA! On July 3rd at 4 PM EDT tune into a livestream broadcast featuring Operation Christmas Child, Focus on the Family, Trail Life USA, and Trailmen across the country.

CBN News - America : Stop Grilling Each Other - and Let's Enjoy the Grill Together

It's been a rough time for America.

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Fallen Officers Honored for Greatest Sacrifice

Stephen Ashton

On Peace Officer Memorial Day, Trailmen from Trail Life USA Troop TN-0101 in Clarksville, TN got word that the ceremony to honor local officers had been cancelled due to Coronavirus. Without any delay, the Troop chose to conduct a wreath-laying ceremony at the Clarksville Police Department’s Protector Memorial to honor Police Officers in their local community.

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Woodrow Wilson: Flag Day Proclamation


May 30, 1916

President Woodrow Wilson

A Proclamation
My Fellow Countrymen:

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The 5 Stages of Growing Courageous Men

Dennis Rainey

Manhood is under attack at every level. In a culture where masculinity and toxicity are often synonymous. Where the media consistently portray men as abusers and buffoons, many boys are finding themselves unsure about what it means to be a man - or  if they should even aspire to be one. 
The need for stalwart men to step up is greater than ever. It is imperative we raise up a new generation of warriors for Christ who understand courageous manhood. Boys are searching for men who provide a positive example of what it means to be a man. Walk with me through five stages of growing biblically bold, courageous men of character.
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The Honor Theirs, The Duty Ours

Wallace Bruce

Memorial Day
Wallace Bruce (1844-1914)

I come with chaplet woven new
From May-day flowers, to fade away;
You come to-night, brave boys in blue,
With record bright, to last for aye.

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Trail Life USA Troops Honor Fallen Heroes Despite Covid Cancellations


While Trail Life Troops across the country have made a tradition of honoring our country's fallen heroes by placing flags at the tombs of veterans during Memorial Day weekend, this year, in the wake of Coronavirus, Trail Life USA and other groups have been barred from carrying out mass flag placements of this sort. 

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