The Top 5 Blog Posts of 2019

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#1  Trail Life USA: A Christ-Centered Boy-Focused Mentoring Adventure

Away from the distractions of a culture that often pushes faith to the margins, boys are able to connect with mentors, learn about their Creator, and discover the purpose for which they were created.

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#2 Letting Boys be Boys in a Toxic Culture

Boys need a place where it is safe to be a boy! A place where they are free to conquer and explore. A place where a boy’s impulse to cover himself in mud and crawl through a creek is understood and appreciated. A place where mud turns into war paint, a stick becomes a sword, and an impression in the ground just may be a telltale sign of a dragon they could tame if they only keep hunting.

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#3 Theodore Roosevelt: A Letter to Boys on Manhood

"The same qualities that mean success or failure to the nation as a whole, mean success or failure in men and boys individually...The man who counts, and the boy who counts" are the man and boy who have, "courage to stand up against the forces of evil, and courage to stand up in the right path..."

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#4 Floating an Impossible Dream

"A year ago no one would have believed today we would be sitting in a boat our Troop built from a fir tree and a broken golf cart. But that was before we boys began dreaming last spring."  Read the inspiring true story of how Trail Life Troop ID-4:12 rallied around a boy's seemingly crazy idea, and built a boat from a fir tree and a broken golf cart.

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#5 Todd Starnes: Recent Shootings Highlight America's Fatherhood Crisis

“The fix for this stuff isn’t gun control and all the other things we’re debating,” Trail Life USA CEO Mark Hancock told The Todd Starnes Show. “It’s fathers and father-likes that step up and find ways to provide moral, strong, clear, leadership. . . .There are so many boys who don’t have a dad at home and are desperately in need of somebody who will show up and teach them how to be responsible and winning men. That is how we fix this."  - Mark Hancock

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