Trail Life USA Expands its Scouting Ranks as it Approaches 10th Anniversary

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Trail Life USA, the faith-based scouting organization for boys, is hitting its stride as it approaches its 10th anniversary.

Trail Life has seen its membership grow steadily since officially launching in January 2014 as a traditional alternative to the Scouts BSA, the organization formerly known as Boy Scouts of America before it started accepting girls in 2019.

Beginning with 500 troops and 10,000 members across the country in 2014, the Christian youth wilderness program today boasts more than 50,000 active members, 20,000 adult volunteers and 1,200 affiliated churches in all 50 states.

“We’ve had almost 200,000 members over the 10 years we’ve been through Trail Life,” Trail Life CEO Mark Hancock told The Washington Times.

Mr. Hancock credits Trail Life’s success to its unabashed commitment to traditional Christian values. Its Statements of Faith and Values say, in part: “We believe there is One Triune God — God the Father; Jesus Christ, His one and only Son; and the Holy Spirit — Creator of the universe and eternally existent. We believe the Holy Scriptures (Old and New Testaments) to be the inspired and authoritative Word of God. We believe each person is created in His image for the purpose of communing with and worshiping God.”

“I think families are recognizing that Christ-centered, boy-focused approach at Trail Life USA is making a difference in the next generation, not just for the boys who are participating but the dads and men in the program who don’t have sons in the program who are interested in pouring into the next generation,” Mr. Hancock said. “All of them are seeing the benefits of a Christ-centered, boy-focused program.”

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