Stephen Ashton

Let Boys be Boys Troop Adventures

Jim's Daniel Boone Friction Flamed Coffee

The boys came prepared in teams of four for a highlight challenge of the Daniel Boone Base Camp Event. Each year Trailmen compete to build a fire tall enough to burn a marker string, boil water, and steep coffee for their Troopmaster to drink. This year, however the planning team added a twist. The fire had to be ...
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Steve Meyer and 1 more

Mentoring Troop Adventures Masculinity

Mettle on the Mountain: A Story of Courage and Providence

"Suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope." - Romans 5:3-4 The weather on the mountain was brutal. The windchill was at four degrees below zero. Forty mile per hour winds hurled snow and ice pellets straight down the mountain. Whiteout conditions had set in. One climber after ...
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Brent Adams

In The News Mentoring Let Boys be Boys Troop Adventures

River Adventure Helps boys in Building Character

While many of their peers were hunkered down in their air-conditioned homes, engaged in Fortnite battles or Snapchat conversations, a group of middle school students braved the elements to experience a side of Kentucky few people ever see.
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